Maunawili Estates Community Association

Aloha and Welcome to MECA, Maunawili Estates Community Association!

MECA works to create unity within the upper Maunawili neighborhood in Kailua, Hawaii. This is the public site viewable by anyone, but if you are a resident within Maunawili Estates looking to join the MECA Yahoo group (where we post security alerts, hold discussions, and store community directories and files), then please join us at the MECAKailua Yahoo Group by emailing Include your name and address, and phone number. We will contact you to verify your identity, and then you will be given access to the Yahoo site. Our goal is to have everyone in the neighborhood in MECA, with all MECA members able to access the MECAKailua Yahoo Group, so feel free to invite your Maunawili Estates neighbors to join us too! To see some of the major upcoming events for MECA, please see recent posts at the right side of the page.


5 thoughts on “Maunawili Estates Community Association

  1. We enjoyed Dr. Paul Brennan’s lecture this afternoon………….please contact us……..for hiking with Dr. Brennan………to the various sites in Maunawili Valley. We are very interested.

    • Any tour that is arranged will be posted on the Yahoo Group for sure. Also, I will make sure to email you. I edited out your personal information before posting, but I have it stored so I can contact you when I hear something about a tour. Thanks for your comments! I agree it was a wonderful event!

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